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NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Unity Foods Limited21.6723.1721.7022.71up 1.0477,190,500
Oct Fut: Unity Foods Limited21.7223.1921.7122.76up 1.0434,194,500
Power Cement Limited10.3410.6510.0110.25-0.0933,042,000
Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim22.5724.2622.8023.54up 0.9731,335,500
Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited13.1713.6212.9513.31up 0.1426,894,000
Nov Fut: Unity Foods Limited21.8623.4021.8122.94up 1.0826,613,000
Maple Leaf Cement43.9243.9842.4542.59-1.3325,892,638
Fauji Cement22.3422.8521.0521.46-0.8822,532,000
Fauji Foods Limited16.0916.3915.8515.94-0.1515,825,000
Pakistan Refinery Limited20.0420.2519.1619.30-0.7414,677,000
Pak Elektron Limited37.0437.2434.5034.74-2.3013,265,000
Nov Fut: Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited13.2813.7413.0313.44up 0.1612,949,000
Hascol Petroleum Limited16.1016.1915.6415.68-0.4212,844,069
The Resource Group Of Pakistan51.9651.8549.0049.29-2.6712,114,000
Oct Fut: Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited13.1713.6012.9013.32up 0.1512,046,500
Oct Fut: The Resource Group Of Pakistan51.9951.8849.0149.39-2.6010,412,500
Avanceon Limited72.5673.3967.3668.28-4.289,961,000
National Bank Of Pakistan Limited41.2242.0040.6041.09-0.139,382,500
Nov Fut: The Resource Group Of Pakistan52.4552.3049.3649.91-2.549,376,500
Nov Fut: Hascol Petroleum Limited16.2716.3415.8015.84-0.438,409,500
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
TPL Trakker Limited6.797.156.606.77-0.027,612,000
Oct Fut: Pak Elektron Limited37.0437.1834.3134.71-2.337,300,500
Oct Fut: Hascol Petroleum Limited16.1316.1515.6515.71-0.427,148,500
Nov Fut: Pak Elektron Limited37.3837.4534.8035.00-2.387,137,000
Nov Fut: Power Cement Limited10.4510.7510.1010.35-0.107,024,500
Oct Fut: Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim22.6024.2923.0023.51up 0.915,973,000
Nov Fut: Maple Leaf Cement44.3144.2942.8043.00-1.315,964,500
ENGRO Fertilizer Limited.65.8665.9064.5064.56-1.305,963,678
Treet Corporation Limited28.7229.8428.5029.28up 0.565,864,000
Oct Fut: Maple Leaf Cement43.9343.9542.4542.62-1.315,654,000
Pakistan State Oil213.05218.00205.85206.09-6.965,503,300
Nov Fut: Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim20.5222.0521.0021.53up 1.015,490,500
Oct Fut: Power Cement Limited10.3410.6510.0510.29-0.055,296,000
Aisha Steel Mills16.5516.6116.0516.20-0.354,932,000
Netsol Technologies Limited69.9672.2067.4570.21up 0.254,663,000
Bankislami Pakistan10.2410.449.879.96-0.284,655,000
Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics13.2914.2913.2514.29up 1.004,591,000
Ghani Global Glass Limited16.6416.6815.4015.41-1.234,531,000
K-Electric Limited3.923.953.843.85-0.074,344,500
Amreli Steels Limited45.7845.9943.7543.89-1.894,278,000
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Oct Fut: Pakistan Refinery Limited20.0720.2019.1319.29-0.784,231,000
Kot Addu Power Company Limited28.6828.9928.1928.28-0.404,079,000
Worldcall Telecom1.,927,500
Hum Network Limited7.748.357.508.01up 0.273,871,000
Hub Power Co78.7080.5077.7579.99up 1.293,721,601
First National Equities Limited18.6319.4017.3317.53-1.103,326,000
Dewan Cement Limited11.0811.1410.6710.76-0.323,321,000
Nov Fut: Pakistan Refinery Limited20.2420.5019.3519.46-0.783,317,500
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited58.3461.3458.5659.38up 1.043,273,530
Lalpir Power Limited13.6213.8013.5013.64up 0.023,243,000