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NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Hinopak Motors1598.171650.001570.001650.00up 51.83720
Murree Brewery790.88815.00790.00807.00up 16.12750
Packages Limited877.40895.00880.01892.30up 14.90225,050
Highnoon Laboratories649.67679.50655.00662.95up 13.2858,650
Nestle Pakistan Limited9000.009050.009010.009010.00up 10.00120
Shell Pakistan611.96639.00610.00621.89up 9.93294,800
Agriautos Industries Limited286.00294.00286.00294.00up 8.0030,500
Fazal Cloth175.34184.10181.90182.70up 7.361,200
Otsuka Pakistan Limited235.17240.25240.00240.13up 4.96400
Philip Morris(Pak) Limited2351.162468.002300.002356.00up 4.84160
ZIL Limited125.37131.63125.50129.56up 4.19175,500
Mirpurkas Sugar211.25221.80208.01215.44up 4.196,900
Babri Cotton60.4763.4058.7563.40up 2.9314,500
Clover Pakistan Limited55.8058.5955.8758.59up 2.7921,000
Shakarganj Limited74.4378.1575.1077.00up 2.572,124,500
Shahmurad Sugar50.9853.5253.4553.52up 2.549,000
Faran Sugar143.00146.50140.00145.49up 2.4944,100
Pakistan Refinery Limited71.2574.7071.3073.69up 2.446,241,500
Feroze 1888 Mills Limited130.08132.50132.45132.49up 2.411,600
Taha Spinning46.1548.4548.4548.45up 2.301,000
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited142.45145.50142.11144.73up 2.288,278,500
HUSEIN SUGAR MILLS LIMITED45.5447.8143.2747.81up 2.27215,500
Jubilee Life Insurance Limited689.00721.00690.00691.00up 2.004,300
Shifa Int. Hospital269.00270.99265.00270.99up 1.99200
Noon Sugar93.0095.9090.0894.98up 1.987,000
Honda Atlas Cars784.30799.00781.20786.12up 1.8272,050
Pak Datacom Limited61.0064.0561.5062.58up 1.5817,000
Imperial Sugar Limited28.0629.4629.4629.46up 1.404,500
Dewan Farooque Motor Limited27.8029.1928.2029.19up 1.392,163,000
Diamond Industries27.6829.0626.3029.06up 1.381,000
Apr Fut: Maple Leaf Cement125.51127.50126.50126.72up 1.2174,500
Toweller Limited53.9955.0055.0055.00up 1.012,500
Safa Textiles14.7415.7414.3115.74up 1.0031,500
Dandot Cement15.5816.5815.5016.58up 1.0044,000
Dawood Lawrencepur Limited221.50224.00217.00222.50up 1.001,300
Sakrand Sugar11.2412.2412.2412.24up 1.0015,000
Escorts Investment Bank17.6418.6418.4518.64up 1.00253,000
Service Textiles10.3811.3810.0011.38up 1.0017,000
Dar-es-slaam8. 1.001,000
Century Paper & Board Mills Limited74.0075.6074.5075.00up 1.00177,000
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics14.0415.0414.0415.02up 0.986,450,500
Apr Fut: National Bank Of Pakistan Limited67.6068.9568.0168.57up 0.97213,000
Mubarak Textile6.867.737.707.73up 0.873,000
Mar Fut: Maple Leaf Cement125.51126.80125.50126.37up 0.86145,000
Sazgar Engineering93.2395.0093.4094.06up 0.8339,000
Universal Insurance16.1716.9815.7516.98up 0.817,000
Masood Textile134.44141.16134.99135.25up 0.8116,200
Apr Fut: ENGRO Fertilizer Limited.64.8865.8865.2565.69up 0.811,741,500
Ferozsons Laboratories Limited538.02543.00536.05538.82up 0.8017,850
Apr Fut: Hub Power Co131.65132.44132.27132.41up 0.766,500
IGI Insurance Limited359.80363.49355.00360.50up 0.7019,800
Bilal Fibre17.6218.4917.1518.31up 0.6913,500
Apr Fut: Habib Bank Limited284.67288.10284.50285.35up 0.689,000
Apr Fut: Nishat Chunian61.6962.4561.5062.32up 0.633,100,000
Service Fabrics Limited10.1011.0010.0010.73up 0.63134,500
Apr Fut: Oil & Gas Development Corp Limited147.10148.25147.00147.73up 0.6330,500
Balochistan Glass15.1515.9914.5015.77up 0.62541,500
SME Leasing Limited5.786.455.266.39up 0.6153,500
BYCO Petroleum Pakistan Limited21.5522.4321.3022.15up 0.607,367,000
Shezan International418.90420.00419.50419.50up 0.601,400
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Maple Leaf Cement126.26127.30126.00126.82up 0.56273,900
Johnson & Phillips30.4531.1030.4931.00up 0.559,000
Habib Bank Limited283.98287.50283.00284.49up 0.51234,000
Aruj Garment Accessories Limited23.0023.5023.5023.50up 0.502,500
Pakistan Synthtics29.5130.0030.0030.00up 0.49500
Synthetic Products Enterprises Limited67.0167.5067.0067.50up 0.496,000
Ibrahim Fibres73.5174.0073.5174.00up 0.492,500
Fauji Foods Limited (non-voting)106.36108.85103.65106.85up 0.4935,500
Pakgen Power Limited22.2722.7922.3222.72up 0.4571,500
Apr Fut: Kot Addu Power Company76.7078.0076.9377.14up 0.4415,500
Balochistan Particle Board9.5310.009.519.95up 0.422,000
Apr Fut: Quice Food Industries Limited8.739.409.009.11up 0.38632,000
Crescent Textile Mills Limited29.6430.9529.7530.02up 0.38571,000
Fauji Foods Limited110.91113.50110.02111.26up 0.35315,500
Atlas Honda Limited576.66584.00577.00577.00up 0.34150
Adam Sugar51.0451.7050.7151.38up 0.3423,500
Ansari Sugar Mills Limited14.4215.0014.7514.75up 0.332,500
Wah Nobal Chemicals123.50125.00123.23123.83up 0.334,600
Mar Fut: ENGRO Fertilizer Limited.64.8865.2564.5165.20up 0.321,912,000
K.s.b.pumps383.69384.00383.69384.00up 0.31200
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Amreli Steels Limited92.7093.7892.3093.01up 0.31800,500
Prudential Mod .ist3.493.853.523.80up 0.312,858,500
Mar Fut: Quice Food Industries Limited8.739.258.979.02up 0.29773,000
Oil & Gas Development Corp. Limited147.15147.96145.75147.44up 0.29539,700
Quice Food Industries Limited8.759.228.859.03up 0.284,241,000
Descon Oxychem Limited23.3123.9523.0023.58up 0.271,531,000
D. S. Industries Limited5.065.505.195.32up 0.26883,500
Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited32.2732.6031.5732.53up 0.2679,500
Lotte Chemical Limited10.7711.1810.7011.02up 0.257,654,500
United Dist.pakistan79.5079.7576.5679.75up 0.251,500
Askari General Insurance39.1639.5038.7139.40up 0.2468,000
Bank Al-Habib Limited54.2754.8054.1554.51up 0.2428,000
Huffaz Seamless Pipe24.0224.9924.2524.25up 0.237,000
Saif Power Limited33.0533.9033.0033.28up 0.23142,500
BIPL Securities Limited11.5011.8910.8011.70up 0.205,000
Unicap Modaraba3. 0.2072,500
Apr Fut: Fauji Fertilizer105.00105.60105.10105.20up 0.2060,500
Pak Modaraba Ist3.413.703.493.61up 0.2024,500
Saritow Spinning8.808.998.998.99up 0.19500
Mar Fut: Nishat Chunian61.6962.0061.0561.87up 0.183,127,500
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Dynea Pakistan Limited66.2667.0066.2566.43up 0.1712,000
Ruby Textile Mills Limited11.2411.4810.7511.41up 0.1722,000
Khalid Siraj Tex5. 0.171,000
Yousaf Weaving5.906.125.846.04up 0.14236,500
Adamjee Insurance76.9077.2476.7077.04up 0.14292,500
Saudi Pak Leasing2.732.952.752.86up 0.1320,000
ENGRO Fertilizer Limited.64.9765.3864.7065.10up 0.13419,000
JS Bank Limited10.4510.8810.4510.57up 0.12215,000
Nishat Chunian61.7362.2561.1061.84up 0.11600,000
Sajjad Textiles7.257.496.587.34up 0.092,500
Saif Textiles20.0221.0220.1020.10up 0.083,500
Lalpir Power Limited22.4422.7022.3522.52up 0.0851,000
Mar Fut: Oil & Gas Development Corp. Limited147.10147.50146.00147.18up 0.08167,000
Punjab Modaraba Ist6.436.506.006.50up 0.072,000
Apr Fut: Faysal Bank21.0321.1021.1021.10up 0.071,000
Chakwal5.165.705.195.23up 0.071,528,500
Apr Fut: Bank Alfalah Limited37.5337.6537.4537.60up 0.0745,000
JS Investment Limited14.7614.9114.8114.82up 0.062,000
Habib Metro Bank31.9132.0031.5031.97up 0.0668,000
East West Insurance Company Limited15.2015.5514.5215.25up 0.054,500
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Habib Insurance18.4018.6918.2018.45up 0.0576,500
Nishat Power Limited51.4751.9951.2951.51up 0.0421,000
Siddiqsons Tin Limited21.7422.3521.4521.77up 0.03732,000
Apr Fut: Fauji Cement43.5343.9543.5043.55up 0.02408,500
Mar Fut: National Bank Of Pakistan Limited75.1076.0074.8075.12up 0.02128,000
Samin Tex8. 0.012,500
J.a.tex5.996.006.006.00up 0.011,000
Dolmen City REIT11.1411.2111.0911.15up 0.01106,000