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Data source: daily downloads from PSX's website.

NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Sapphire Fibres Limited1035.001011.311011.311011.31-23.690
Service Ind.475.00466.00455.00455.00-20.001,500
Sanofi-aventis Pharmaceutical Pakistan Limited570.00550.10545.11550.10-19.90100
Sitara Chemicals291.63303.00277.05277.05-14.58400
Indus Motor1178.141180.001126.001164.85-13.293,120
Packages Limited288.89288.00278.16278.58-10.312,500
Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited202.62197.00192.49192.49-10.1398,100
Shifa Int. Hospital202.56192.61192.44192.44-10.12700
Pakistan Oil Fields Limited398.40398.38388.00388.28-10.1280,300
Highnoon Laboratories236.17228.01226.25226.46-9.714,300
Jul Fut: Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited188.52182.25179.10179.10-9.4261,500
Sazgar Engineering182.16173.06173.06173.06-9.10200
Sep (c) Fut: Lucky Cement391.760.000.00383.03-8.730
Aug (c) Fut: Lucky Cement386.870.000.00378.24-8.630
Jul (c) Fut: Lucky Cement380.750.000.00372.25-8.500
Shield Corporation Limited201.46193.20193.15193.18-8.28200
Lucky Cement378.48383.00369.25370.20-8.28373,100
Sep (c) Fut: Pakistan State Oil163.760.000.00155.51-8.250
Aug (c) Fut: Pakistan State Oil161.720.000.00153.56-8.160
Shell Pakistan179.50177.00171.00171.41-8.0918,200
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Jul (c) Fut: Pakistan State Oil159.160.000.00151.13-8.030
Indus Dyeing499.50491.51491.51491.51-7.990
Pakistan State Oil158.21155.79150.30150.30-7.911,113,500
Jul Fut: Lucky Cement378.10376.25369.00370.21-7.89688,000
Jul Fut: Pakistan State Oil158.19155.25150.29150.53-7.66412,000
Sep (c) Fut: Searle Pakistan147.400.000.00139.97-7.430
Sep (c) Fut: Engro Chemical278.530.000.00271.17-7.360
Aug (c) Fut: Searle Pakistan145.560.000.00138.22-7.340
Jul Fut: Engro Chemical269.68268.50262.00262.35-7.33145,500
Thal Limited350.00346.98340.00342.69-7.3114,600
Aug (c) Fut: Engro Chemical275.050.000.00267.78-7.270
Jul (c) Fut: Searle Pakistan143.250.000.00136.03-7.220
Jul (c) Fut: Engro Chemical270.700.000.00263.54-7.160
Searle Pakistan142.40140.01135.28135.28-7.12313,200
Jul Fut: Searle Pakistan142.17140.45135.07135.07-7.10787,000
Honda Atlas Cars141.34134.28134.28134.28-7.0616,500
Jul Fut: Pakistan Oil Fields Limited398.00395.00384.00391.00-7.0016,000
Engro Chemical269.09268.78261.00262.09-7.001,004,900
Baifo Industries172.00165.10163.40165.10-6.90900
Exide Pakistan133.02132.01126.38126.40-6.621,600
NameOpen HighLow CloseChange Volume
Pak Oxygen Limited131.50125.06124.93124.93-6.571,400
Glaxo Healthcare Pakistan191.20188.00184.00184.83-6.375,100
Agriautos Industries Limited194.50192.00184.78188.39-6.11200
Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited326.70334.93319.00321.00-5.70400
Ferozsons Laboratories Limited112.62110.20106.99107.01-5.6112,300
National Refinery Limited103.98102.5098.7998.79-5.1988,300
Jul Fut: National Refinery Limited103.80103.8098.6198.62-5.1852,000
Abbot Laboratories425.00420.00419.00419.90-5.101,000
Al-Abbas Sugar185.00180.00180.00180.00-5.00700
Archroma Pakistan Limited470.00469.00465.00465.00-5.001,500