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Company Meetings

All Annual Board Extraordinary

Meeting Type CompanyDateTimeLocationPurpose
BoardSNGPThu, Feb 11 201602:00Accounts for 1st Qtr 14, 2nd Qtr 14 & 3rd Qtr 15.
BoardJSGCLThu, Feb 11 201602:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardCHCCThu, Feb 11 201602:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardAGTLThu, Feb 11 201603:30Annual Accounts 15.
BoardJGICLThu, Feb 11 201610:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardAABSThu, Feb 11 201610:00Buiness plans and financial plans
BoardBCLThu, Feb 11 201610:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardSCLThu, Feb 11 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardSNBLThu, Feb 11 201611:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardCPPLThu, Feb 11 201612:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardCSILFri, Feb 12 201610:00Business & financial plans (Revoked)
BoardINILFri, Feb 12 201610:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardMTLFri, Feb 12 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardEFUGSat, Feb 13 201601:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardGATISat, Feb 13 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardEFULSat, Feb 13 201611:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardSCMMon, Feb 15 201603:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardNATFMon, Feb 15 201603:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardPSOMon, Feb 15 201610:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
AnnualKSTMMon, Feb 15 201610:00Reg. Office 135-Upper Mall Lahore
BoardAKBLMon, Feb 15 201610:30Annual Accounts 15.
BoardALTNMon, Feb 15 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
AnnualMFFLMon, Feb 15 201611:00Reg. Office 40-A Zafar Ali Road Gulberg V Lahore
BoardCJPLMon, Feb 15 201611:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardGASFTue, Feb 16 201602:30H/Y Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardPPLTue, Feb 16 201609:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardHADCTue, Feb 16 201609:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardNESTLETue, Feb 16 201610:30Annual Accounts 15.
BoardFCCLTue, Feb 16 201610:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardASTLTue, Feb 16 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardOTSUTue, Feb 16 201611:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardDGKCTue, Feb 16 201612:00H/Y Accounts for Oct-Dec 16.
BoardOGDCTue, Feb 16 201612:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardHUBCWed, Feb 17 201610:00Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardTRIPFWed, Feb 17 201610:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardUBLWed, Feb 17 201610:00Annual Accounts 15.
BoardJSILWed, Feb 17 201610:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardCJPLWed, Feb 17 201611:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
BoardBATAWed, Feb 17 201611:30To review accounts for the year 15.
BoardDCRThu, Feb 18 201602:30Accounts for Oct-Dec 15.
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